Monday, December 30, 2013

Inspired Look!!

Hello Lovelies!!! thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog. Today I'm so thrilled to share this look with you. I basically came up with this look  which happens to be more nighttime appropriate or even for New Year Eve. I'm not a makeup artist, I'm just a regular girl who loves makeup and this is in no way a tutorial, I'm just sharing with you the products I used and hope that you find some inspiration. The lovely has encouraged me to do a post on this look, so MJ this ones for you. 

On my skin I used the Covergirl 3 in one foundation, this a new product I'm testing out and so far I'm loving it. It's very full coverage and leaves you skin looking very flawless, I'll definitely keep you posted on my journey with this foundation. I also mixed in a pump of the Loreal magic Lumi primer, which leaves your skin pretty glowy and gorgeous. 
Under my Eyes to cover my dark circles from all my sleepless nights (lol) I used the bare minerals correcting consealer. This also happens to be a new product I'm testing out so we'll see. 

I decided to use my Urbandecay flushed palette which contains bronzer, blush and highlight. This palette is so amazing and great for traveling. I filled in my brows with my Anastasia brow powder, I don't fill my eyebrows too much... Just a few spars areas 

The star of this look are my eyes and I went with my Lorac Pro Palette. This is such a versatile palette, it contains sixteen beautiful colors, eight matte shades and eight shimmery/satin shades. For the base I used my ulta beauty cream shadow in metallic, then laid down slate from the Lorac palette wet using mac fixed plus all over the lid and blended it with taupe the soft brown color in the palette. I then used the color pewter on the inner parts of my lid and continuously blended everything with taupe, just to ensure their are no harsh lines. After acquiring the pigmentation to my satisfaction I used a nyx pigment, which I apologize for not having the name ( it's silvery color with a hit of bronze) just a gorgeous color on the center of my lids, I took the same brush and swept  it on my lower lash line. For an inner corner highlight I use the color called champagne from the palette. 

I then lined my thigt line and also created a winged line. I did two costs of my lights camera lashes mascara and topped the look off with Mac lipstick in Brave and pink buxom lipgloss on the center of my lips. 
Products used for this look. 

Hope you all have a happy new year!
As always Stay Gorgeous. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Blue Liner

Hello pretties!, today I'm super excited to share with you this look I created, kinda of fun and very easy to achieve. I love a winged liner and the color blue, so when you put them together for me that's the perfect combination. I did this look just for a regular shopping day. I paired it with a very sheer red lipstick from stila and I loved the way everything turned out. 

I used my Mac prolong wear foundation, I love the staying power and also the finish of this foundation. This is a rediscovered  product for me and so far I'm loving it. I used tarte maracuja creaseless consealer under my eyes to cover my dark circles and also on a few acne scars. 

As a Bronzer I used Cargo Bronzer in dark, I recently purchased this product and so far I haven't put it down. It has replaced my nars casino Bronzer, which happens to be my holy grail. 

For blush and highlighter I decided to bust out my Foreplay palette from Nars. I've had it for a very long time, but never seem to use it, so for  today's look I decided why not. I used orgasm blush from the palette and the highlighter which since this was a limited edition item I couldn't find the name. 

On my lips I have a stila color balm lipstick in Natasha. This lipstick is very beautiful, very sheer but gorgeous at the same time. 

For the eyes I went with and ulta eyeshadow base in Rose gold, this base is so gorgeous I haven't heard many people mention the ulta bases, in my opinion the are better than the color tattoo by Maybelline. I used the Loreal infallible eye shadow in Amber rush as a light wash of color on my lids and my chocolate Soleil Bronzer by Toofaced in my crease  (sample size). The star of my look is my blue eyeliner from sephora called Fancy blue, I used this to create a winged line, this liner is so stunning, by far the most amazing corn flower blue. I topped  the look off with my lights, camera, lashes mascara by tarte and tightlined my eyes with Loreal Smoldering eyeliner. 

These are all the products I used. 

Thank you so much for checking out my blog. Hope you all have an amazing and blessed day. Stay Gorgeous­čĺť

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lipstick Tag

So I've been watching a lot of tag videos and reading a lot of blogs where bloggers and Vloggers are doing a tag called "crazy about lipstick tag", being that I'm the crazy lipstick lady, I've decided to join in on the fun. I haven't been tagged by anyone, I just thought this is a fun little tag and I wanted to be a part of it. So here goes nothing. 
BTW there are 10 questions... I think. 

1. How many lipsticks do you own?  
    I'm kindof embarrassed to admit, but I'm the owner of 102 lipsticks and growing. 

2. What is your most worn lipstick?
    My most worn lipstick has got to be Brave by Mac. It's the only nude I ever wear or own for that matter ... Little crazy 

3. What is your first ever lipstick?

    So I think I was either 14 or 15 when I was allowed to wear full on lipstick and I vividly remember this red Jordana lipstick, It was a gorgeous shade of red. I think I might just repurchase it lol. 

4. What is your favorite brand of lipstick?

     I would have to say Mac and Milani. I love everything about Mac lippies and Milani lipstick are just everything, I think I may be a little obsessed. 

5. What is your favorite finish?

   Now everyone who knows me, know I am a sucker for any matte lipstick. I just love mattes. I can't help it. 

6. What lip product you last bought ?

    I recently stopped by CVS and got a few of the Milani lipsticks, they were on sale for $2.99. I kinda went a little crazy lol. I also picked up two Japonesque lipsticks 

7. What lipstick do you use to Rock a Red lip?

  Without a doubt "Ruby Woo" by Mac. 

8.  How many lip products you currently have in your bag including lip balms and lipsticks. 

   Let me see ....  I'm a hoarder so I have like 7 lipsticks in my purse and I have a kid so I walk around with a diaper bag lol insane. 

9. How do you store your lipsticks?

  I have muji acrylic drawers and they are stored in there. 

10. What lip product are you lusting after?

    So this is a hard one cause I'm always looking at new lipsticks to try but if I had to pick I'd say Forbidden Burgandy by Ysl. 

If you're reading this consider yourself tagged. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Current Obsession!!

Hey lovelies, I'm am super excited to share with you some of the things I'm "obsessed" at the moment. My product interchange a lot, just because I'm trying to be good about using the stuff I've accumalated thus far. There are things that I've purchased just on a whim and completely fall head over heals in love with. I'm currently experimenting with quite a few things, I'll give you an update on them in a later post, but for now here are the products I'm lusting over. 

Lorac Unzipped Palette
Mac Pro Longwear Foundation 
Stila kitten Highlighter 
Dior Creme De Rose lip balm
Nars blush in Sin 
Nars Bronzer in Casino 
Guy Bourdin Cheek Palette by Nars 
Milani lipstick in Sangria
Mac Lipstickfrom the Rihanna collection RiRi Heaux 
Revlon matte balm in Shameless 
Loreal Crayon Consealer. 

My "obsessions" so to speak change on a regular basis. I really hope you guys find some inspiration from this  post and  try some of the products let me know in the comments what you think. Have a blessed day everyone. 

Ps. I'm always open for new product recommendations. ❤️

Monday, December 2, 2013


This is one of my favorite looks. I love eyeliner and a cat eye, hope you like this look. All the products will be below. 

- Face and Body foundation by Mac. 
- Tarte Amazonian ceaseless concealer. 
- Satin taupe by Mac. 
- Loreal cream eyeliner. 
- Tarte lights camera lashes Mascara and cover girl lash blast. 
- Mac MSF in sun power as a Bronzer 
- Lorac tantalizer highlight. 
- Mianli baked blush in Berry Amore. 
- Rebel by Mac in the lips