Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Current Obsession!!

Hey lovelies, I'm am super excited to share with you some of the things I'm "obsessed" at the moment. My product interchange a lot, just because I'm trying to be good about using the stuff I've accumalated thus far. There are things that I've purchased just on a whim and completely fall head over heals in love with. I'm currently experimenting with quite a few things, I'll give you an update on them in a later post, but for now here are the products I'm lusting over. 

Lorac Unzipped Palette
Mac Pro Longwear Foundation 
Stila kitten Highlighter 
Dior Creme De Rose lip balm
Nars blush in Sin 
Nars Bronzer in Casino 
Guy Bourdin Cheek Palette by Nars 
Milani lipstick in Sangria
Mac Lipstickfrom the Rihanna collection RiRi Heaux 
Revlon matte balm in Shameless 
Loreal Crayon Consealer. 

My "obsessions" so to speak change on a regular basis. I really hope you guys find some inspiration from this  post and  try some of the products let me know in the comments what you think. Have a blessed day everyone. 

Ps. I'm always open for new product recommendations. ❤️


  1. I wish I could stick my hands through the screen and open all your blushes hahaha!!! :D
    I was very tempted to get the Guy Bourdin Nars palette, but I have SO many blushes that it really would have been only for collecting purposes (uhm, what you have at times defined as "hoarding" I guess :-/)
    Lovely products as always!


    1. It's such an honor to have to look at this. Thank you for your kind words as always. You're truly and beautiful person inside out. I love reading your blog, it's very informative and beautifully written. I'm sure you also have amazing products. Stay gorgeous MJ ❤️

    2. Oh no!! You're too nice, thank you so much!!
      I want to print your message and hang it on my wall!!
      I'm happy too I got to know you, thank you with all of my heart for your words <3

      P.S. I did the Lipstick Tag too as promised!! :)) :-*

    3. Haha!! You're too sweet. Now I can't wait to read your lipstick tag and also see your amazing products. It's really nice to know that their are genuinely nice and supportive people in the world. Thank you so much.