Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lipstick Tag

So I've been watching a lot of tag videos and reading a lot of blogs where bloggers and Vloggers are doing a tag called "crazy about lipstick tag", being that I'm the crazy lipstick lady, I've decided to join in on the fun. I haven't been tagged by anyone, I just thought this is a fun little tag and I wanted to be a part of it. So here goes nothing. 
BTW there are 10 questions... I think. 

1. How many lipsticks do you own?  
    I'm kindof embarrassed to admit, but I'm the owner of 102 lipsticks and growing. 

2. What is your most worn lipstick?
    My most worn lipstick has got to be Brave by Mac. It's the only nude I ever wear or own for that matter ... Little crazy 

3. What is your first ever lipstick?

    So I think I was either 14 or 15 when I was allowed to wear full on lipstick and I vividly remember this red Jordana lipstick, It was a gorgeous shade of red. I think I might just repurchase it lol. 

4. What is your favorite brand of lipstick?

     I would have to say Mac and Milani. I love everything about Mac lippies and Milani lipstick are just everything, I think I may be a little obsessed. 

5. What is your favorite finish?

   Now everyone who knows me, know I am a sucker for any matte lipstick. I just love mattes. I can't help it. 

6. What lip product you last bought ?

    I recently stopped by CVS and got a few of the Milani lipsticks, they were on sale for $2.99. I kinda went a little crazy lol. I also picked up two Japonesque lipsticks 

7. What lipstick do you use to Rock a Red lip?

  Without a doubt "Ruby Woo" by Mac. 

8.  How many lip products you currently have in your bag including lip balms and lipsticks. 

   Let me see ....  I'm a hoarder so I have like 7 lipsticks in my purse and I have a kid so I walk around with a diaper bag lol insane. 

9. How do you store your lipsticks?

  I have muji acrylic drawers and they are stored in there. 

10. What lip product are you lusting after?

    So this is a hard one cause I'm always looking at new lipsticks to try but if I had to pick I'd say Forbidden Burgandy by Ysl. 

If you're reading this consider yourself tagged. 


  1. I came, I saw...I got tagged!! :D
    Haha I really enjoyed reading your post, I am going to do this tag too!! :)))

  2. I saw where MJintheskywithgillter was inspired to do this tag after reading yours and I'm definitely going to have to do it! I'll let you and her know when I do! Definitely don't have anywhere close to 100 lipsticks, hah, but I'm obsessed all the same with the ones I DO have!

    1. Yes !!! Let me know. This is such an awesome tag, everyone should do it, plus I love to see what's in everyone's lipstick stach hat so I can try them. Thank you Rachel